Villa Santa Teresa

Become inspired by breathtaking sunset accompanied by sounds of the tropical birds and monkeys playing in the surrounding trees.
Playa Santa Teresa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Thanks to constant waves all year round, Playa Santa Teresa is considered a paradise for surfers of every level.

Villa Santa Teresa is a 4 villas that was built with a lot of forethought and care for the preservation of nature and the environment.
The villas were built by “green construction standards” with the use of recycled building blocks, a water system for all the gardens making use collected rain water for watering.
The roof of all the villas are made of clay tiles that insulate the villas from the heat outside.

The villas are situated about 50 meters from the shore of the pacific ocean at a perfect surfing spot with an unbelievable white sand beach and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.

We are 4 km from the main entrance of Santa Teresa- Mal Pais cruz, Next to Roca Mar restaurant.

Between the houses a there are magnificent tall trees which provide shade and are inhabited by monkeys, iguanas, birds and other wildlife.

Santa Teresa is full of Restaurants and shops, and people from all over the world who now call it home.